I18n + markdownify stopped working

{{ i18n “text_id43” | markdownify }}

This code stopped working after updating hugo to the latest version. If I pass just text without i18n it works. Please guide me how to fix this other then to roll back to one of the older versions.

My guess is that it relates to having html code mixed with markdown code. Like:

<br> … **Headline**

Previously this code worked. I know it is not good to mix both, but sometimes you cannot do everything with the markdown.

Is my guess regarding the cause of not processing markdown code correct? Could anyone point me into right direction where are the guidelines for using markdownify? Or this is an error that should be fixed?

Hugo changes with every version, so knowing the one you are coming from will assist.

Please follow the guidelines at Requesting Help. :slight_smile:

I use v0.68.3-157669A0 windows/amd64 BuildDate: 2020-03-24T12:04:36Z.

I do not know how to track which was the version I generated the website previously that worked without issues. It did not notice the bug right away. So I cannot point out which particular update caused the issue.

It comes to simple question:

Should the code work in the latest version?

{{ i18n “text_id43” | markdownify }}

Where “text_id43” is:

<br> … **Headline**