REF_NOT_FOUND: Ref doesn't work

I have a project with this structure in content:
- courses
- - hoon-101
- - -

in I put this: [Lesson 1]({{< ref “courses/hoon-101/” >}})

and I get REF_NOT_FOUND: Ref “courses/hoon-101/” when I run hugo server

What gives, mate? I must be missing something obvious.

Is this a typo and did you mean If not, then that is your problem. Have a read about Page Bundles:

Basically, everything below it is a Page Resource, not an actual Page.

No, it’s just Updating the OP with better formatting

You need in there, not This makes the sub-pages proper Pages, not Page Resources.

Even with content structure:
- courses
- - hoon-101
- - -

I get the same error. is there another file to add?

Easier to help if we can see your code: Requesting Help

Is the page you are referencing draft: true?

You’ve got it. I really appreciate it.

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