HTML footer from different pages finds no image


I am still pretty new to HUGO. So far I’m totally enthusiastic and got over every hurdle very quickly. But now I’m facing a problem that I can’t solve.

I have a Footer.html. This is used in the Index.html and all other pages. The structure is

In the Footer.html a background image is defined:
div class=“footer-bg” style=“background image: url(’{{ .Site.Params.footer }}’)”
In the config.toml the image:
footer = “images/footer_bg.png”

In the Index.html he finds the image. But of course not for all other pages. Since I define the image in the Footer.html, it’s no use asking what the page is called. Someone surely had this problem before and would be very happy about a tip.


Hello Maiki,

Thank you for your message. So software developer since 30 years, I always read first in the forum if my problem has been discussed before. No my research, no. In this respect your answer does not really help me.

Maybe somebody has a tip if there is a possibility to check in which directory I am.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Greetings Matze

I can’t reproduce your issue, please share a project that demonstrates it.

Hello Maiki,

Thank you very much. But I took the image off the footer. That’s taking too long right now. I’m also struggling with submenus. That’s more important right now. Thanks again for your support.

Regards Matze