The Website that I uploaded is not rendered same as the one I saved in my localhost

Hey Team,
I am facing an issue and trying after 12 hours continuously please help me out. I made my website on localhost which looked like this-

But when I uploaded it to github successfully with all the steps , It is coming like this -


Please help me out as soon as possible

You are more likely to receive a prompt and accurate response if you post a link to the public repository for your project.


Let us see your code

Include a link to the source code repository of your project, because we really need the context of seeing your templates and partials to be able to help you. It is trivial to do a quick git clone on your repo, then run hugo server in your project, to help you out. On the other hand, recreating your code from screenshots, or sort of guessing at it, is not.

If you can’t share your repository for whatever reason, consider creating a dummy repo that you can share, which reproduces the problem you’re experiencing.

Also, please provide a link to the live site.

My Repo link - GitHub - 0xdroopy/writeupsbug
My website on which content is displayed -
In my website click on post and scroll down

hi @Nikhil_Kaushik

try to generate the website with Hugo version v0.83.1 or older to see if the same issue occur

I have similar issue with slider but as long as I generate the website with maximum Hugo version v0.83.1 all good

give it a try a temporary fix :slight_smile:


There is no baseURL value in the project config.

The baseURL is required for a Hugo project to be published properly.

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