Receiving a long list of warnings in console - need help to hide them/correct the issue causing behaviour

After I run the hugo server command, I see the below warnings for Page ‘path’ not found in ‘path’. Most of these links are internal page links or referring to other pages that end with "… /#section-id "

How to stop displaying these warnings or any way to correct this behaviour? Right now the warnings list is so long that it becomes hard to scroll the console sometimes. There are around 350+ pages in the website currently and it’s a long warning list always.

Look through your repository and the modules you are using as to which one is using a warnf function. Then check at which point that occurs and fix it.

You could also read through “How to request help” and provide a more complete image (not meaning gif/jpg here) of your setup.

Thanks, it helped :slightly_smiling_face: I went into to the template file and removed the warnf function from there.

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