One less moderator

@maiki is no longer a mod, as soon as @bep or @anthonyfok makes that happen, please. :slight_smile:

I love free software, and I learn by doing and nothing beats doing the random stuff strangers on the web come up with. I think Hugo is for everyone.

I’m so annoyed by folks who message the mods and talk about how they do their job on their forums of how ever many people, as if wielding an emblem that implores them to critique.

I can handle the folks that are just entitled butt heads, because I can mess with them, point to the docs and frolic away laughing Requesting Help:rofl:

But people telling me how to volunteer my time over and over again, because I wasn’t super nice answering their question that was one doc or search away… I no longer want to help.

And I want to belong to a place where the helpers want to help. I also have most of the actual moderation abilities I use, just due to my super :cool: community tier. I honestly don’t know which abilities I’ll lose according to the forums. But I’ll no longer represent the forum volunteers, and will feel much better actively ignoring ass hats.

:microphone: :droplet:


I am so sorry that you want to go and I sympathize.

When users message me most of the time I cut them short in a rather terse way in the lines of do not contact me EVER AGAIN and it ends there.

Other times if the request has merit, I add the whole Moderators group to the discussion so that others can participate.

At the end of the day one needs to eliminate the noise.

May I remind to anyone reading this that we do have better things to do with our time than keeping this forum in good shape. We are also professionals and we post here helping users out of our own FREE time.

Users need to display proper decorum.

If decorum is not their forte, then they can either post to the Services category that is meant for asking paid services OR face the moderator gavel.

Enough said.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re taking a step back Maiki, but the reason why is very understandable.

I didn’t knew that people behave like that towards moderators, which is both infuriating and so disappointing.

I hope that you (and the other moderators) know that there is a silent majority that very much appreciate all the work you put into Hugo.

I definitely don’t have the time, energy, or money to do those things, so I’m very grateful that others do. Thanks for your contributions! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Would it, in for future situations, help to block messages from users? Discourse has that option, plus messages can be disabled based on trust level.


I’m also part of this silent majority who appreciate the work done by Hugo community members. Cheers

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