Mailto: resets to baseURL

I’ve read that mailto: is considered safe by Hugo, but when I try to include my email with [Email]( the result is that the generated .html just links to the baseURL of my site.

What am I missing here?

I am unable to reproduce this behavior. This markdown:


Produces this HTML:

<a href="">Email</a>

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The page in question is here:

The code for this page

# Contact

If you find errors or would like to collaborate, please reach out to me:

- {{< fa globe >}} [Web](

- {{< fa envelope >}} [Email](

- {{< fa key >}} [PGP](/pgp/key.asc)

{{< fa fingerprint >}} PGP Fingerprint:

Is this theme (Hugo Book) preventing this for some reason? Same code works in other Hugo sites.

That’s a question for the theme developer. Log an issue here:

The theme overrides default link rendering via layouts/_default/_markup/render-link.html. That’s the first place I’d look for a problem.

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Thanks. This was a good tip. Was related to an experimental portable links setting. Works great now.

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