Default language in both root and subfolders

Default language of my sites is “en”, but I still want a subfolder en( that also shows English content. I’ve tried DefaultContentLanguageInSubdir, but in /en folder, Hugo only generates an index.htm and redirect to / . Is it any way to achieve this goal? om/ -> English om/en -> English om/es -> Spanish om/jp -> Japanese

Thanks a lot!

here is my language configs:

DefaultContentLanguage = “en”
DefaultContentLanguageInSubdir = true
languageName = “English”
languageName = “Español”
languageName = “日本語”

You must be doing something wrong, because the config you share here is correct. However, it’s difficult to say more. Share your project if you want more help.

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I think if you want to go this route, you’ll need two English language configurations. One that renders at the website root ( and the other set to render in a subdirectory ( with the defaultContentLanguageInSubdir setting.

From my experience it’s not possible to have both the English render at the root and in a subdirectory. I don’t think Hugo can render such duplicate content without also duplicating the English language setting.

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