Social Media icons from Codepen

New to Hugo. I have a custom theme - basic html and CSS. Trying to learn as I go. I was wondering how to incorporate these cool social medial icons from code pen into the homepage.

I copied the HTML and only put a view ones in there and also copied the CSS and put it in my main.css file. It does show up but doesn’t look any like the one in the example. The icons are huge and black.

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@ngehani please post in #support when you have questions; I moved this topic.

Please read Requesting Help. Your question is almost too general for the Hugo forums; we don’t field general HTML or CSS questions, though there are links to places to learn about them in that post I linked to.

I recommend you share your project, and then folks will be able to help you quickly, or suggest further reading. :slight_smile:

Thanks @maiki - The site is located here. I was able to get the social icons on the page. I don’t have them doing anything yet but I’ll worry about that later.