Need help with displaying posts by criteria


There is a page with title Germany displaying offers available in Germany. I would like to display “No offers” if there are no offers available in Germany.
I could add {{ else }}<p>No offers</p>{{ end }}, but text will be displayed each time when offer does not have tag equal to Germany. How can I show text only once?
Maybe there is better way to get only needed posts/offers?

<section class="tiles">
{{  $filter := .Title }} 
{{ range $offer := ((.Site.GetPage "section" "/offer").Pages).ByDate.Reverse }}
    {{ if in .Params.tags $filter }}
        <article class="{{ $offer.Params.home_style }}">
            <span class="image">
                <img src="{{ $offer.Params.home_img | relURL }}" alt="" />
            <a href="{{ $offer.URL }}">
                <h3>{{ $offer.Title }}</h3>
                <div class="content">
                    {{ partial "markdownify-block" $offer.Params.excerpt }}
    {{ end }}
{{ end }}

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