Error when running `hugo server --theme=herring-cove

I have imported my 983 posts from Ghost using a ghost2Hugo code on GitHub, but there is some error when running hugo server --theme=herring-cove Check screenshot.

Could you guys tell me what is happening, I don’t know anything about code but I just follow instructions.

Hi there,

We don’t know what’s happening either. Please have a read about Requesting Help to see how to make it easier for us to help you.

Well, you missed a step…

These are the instructions shown in your screen capture:

git clone bandrainfohugo/themes/herring-cove
cd bandrainfohugo
hugo server --theme=herring-coves

This is what you did:

cd bandrainfohugo
hugo server --theme=herring-coves
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Yay! Thanks so much. I just don’t get these code instructions.

Now I can see my local site, now how do I host this on the web?

Also locally where are these individual blogpost located? In case I need to edit them?

Sorry about the naive questions, this is exciting.

There are several tutorials available. Some that come to mind are:

Thank you so much, I will go through them.

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