Hugo Goldmark for html not working on hosted site

I’m adding HTML to my content files (.md) and it works when I run hugo locally.
But when I release It’s not rendering, what is going on?

My config.toml:

      unsafe = true

We don’t know, we cannot guess just from that snippet.

Check your Hugo versions, and see Requesting Help .

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Okay, how would I show that my HTML is rendering locally then not on my server?

As per Requesting Help , we need to be able to replicate your issue.

Since there is a difference between what you see locally vs what your server renders, that’s the information we need to see.

How are you building your site locally? How is your server building your site? We don’t see this information from your snippet. Also, you have not answered the question of which Hugo version you are using.

Hopefully with the version it can be replicated.
And the build config:
hugo --config mybuild.json

I’m not building the site on the server, I’m uploading the built public files.

I just tested and unless I’m running hugo it’s not displaying the inline HTML in my content file:

draft: false
This will display 

<div class="uk-margin">
    <input class="uk-input" type="text" placeholder="This will not">

All I get is a 404 on the file in the console even though the page loads, when I’m not actively running with Hugo. I’m able to see anything outside the HTML tags.

You are telling Hugo to use mybuild.json to configure your build. config.toml is ignored.

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