Yet Another "Posts won't show" Problem

I am transitioning a 10-year old Jekyll site (comprising 51 posts and a half dozen other pages) to Hugo using 0.82.0, deploying to Netlify. Until yesterday the posts were being displayed without problem. Site uses Tailwind, but that appears to be working fine.

Yesterday, I made a few tweaks to the underlying theme and they disappeared from the Post list page (https://bencwilson/post). I have a pagination on the index page (https://bencwilson), and the posts appear there. They appeared again briefly on a build deploy about an hour ago, but a minor cosmetic change to the theme (adding SVG to the navbar and footer, color changes) robbed me of them.

It builds without incident on my Mac, and I am sharing the netlify.toml below. There are no draft: true. When I clear cache and rebuild, it takes 50s to build the site using hugo --gc --minify.

publish = "public"
command = "hugo --gc --minify"

HUGO_VERSION = "0.82.0"
HUGO_ENV = "production"

command = "hugo --gc --minify --enableGitInfo"

HUGO_VERSION = "0.82.0"
HUGO_ENV = "production"

command = "hugo --gc --minify --buildFuture -b $DEPLOY_PRIME_URL"

HUGO_VERSION = "0.82.0"

command = "hugo --gc --minify -b $DEPLOY_PRIME_URL"

HUGO_VERSION = "0.82.0"


Hi there,

Please have a read about Requesting Help .

We are unable to help you without knowing what your site code looks like.

Disregard. Appears to be a simple misspelling content/post instead of content/posts