BlogDown Academic

I’m using Blogdown and Hugo to create the academic style website. All is good until I start editing the publications section. I keep getting the error below. It usually happens when I delete a .md file from the content folder. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it?

I’m new to this so I’m having trouble understanding the explanations given by more advanced users. Any advice would be appreciated.

ERROR 2018/05/10 16:33:40 Error while rendering “home” in “”: template: theme/index.html:1:3: executing “theme/index.html” at <partial "widget_page…>: error calling partial: template: theme/partials/widget_page.html:23:9: executing “theme/partials/widget_page.html” at <partial $widget $par…>: error calling partial: template: theme/partials/widgets/projects.html:66:84: executing “theme/partials/widgets/projects.html” at <delimit .Params.tags…>: error calling delimit: can’t iterate over

It is recommended to show your source repo when asking to troubleshoot, so we can see what is happening. Other tips are at Requesting Help.

But you can start by checking that those files exist. :slight_smile: