{{.Content}} in list.html Not Rendering Markdown Headings

I have a file located at:


The content is:

title: "tagtopic"
date: 2019-06-04T21:55:06+01:00
draft: false
summary: "Hello, there tagtopic list"
type: mytag1

# Demos 

Some text
some **bold**

# Background

Some more text

The content is pulled in the respective list.html file.
However, the headings don’t render as I would expect. They are just plain text. However bolding works.

I am looking for a way to have formatted Content to describe a taxonomy tag. I am almost there except for this formatting problem.

For an example in my repo: https://github.com/dunhampa/petedunhamcom.git (builds ok in 0.58.3 – I have aesthetic problems in higher versions)


headings don’t display as I would expect.

Update: I do see the text is wrapped in <h1> which is different than my other content renders to which is: <h1 class="title section-title"> </h1>.

Hi there,

Do you have your code in a repo somewhere we can have a look at? It works for me when I try it. Have a read about Requesting Help to see how to make it easier to get help here.

Thank you for feedback. I updated my original post with a link to repo that I am building against. I also found that text is, infact, being wrapped in basic <h1> tags. However, other content on my site is wrapped in <h1 class="title section-title"> so believe it is related to how my theme is rendering and CSS. Any thoughts or next steps is appreciated.

I found this solution as it was tied to understanding the CSS in the theme I am using.

I had to be specific to include in a specific section tagging to get the display I was expecting: