Error creating page for list of posts

I’m trying to create a new page ‘Blog’ that lists all the posts, instead of the homepage. To do this, first I created a new in content with this frontmatter:

title: "Blog"
layout: blog

And then I created a new .HTML in layouts/_default called blog.html, where I’ve entered this:

{{ define "main" }}
{{ partial "articles/articles.html" . }}
{{ end }}

This is what was used on the homepage to display posts, so I figured it should work if I created a page for it on its own too.

But this gives me the following error:

Rebuild failed:

Failed to render pages: render of "page" failed: execute of template failed: template: _default/blog.html:3:3: executing "main" at <partial "articles/articles.html" .>: 
error calling partial: execute of template failed: template: partials/articles/articles.html:3:5: executing "partials/articles/articles.html" at <partial "articles/list.html" .>: 
error calling partial: "D:\Srishti\Year 2 Semester 1\Blogdown\Website\themes\hugo-theme-novela\layouts\partials\articles\list.html:7:47": execute of template failed: template: partials/articles/list.html:7:47: executing "partials/articles/list.html" at
 <$paginator.Pages>: error calling Pages: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.79.0/extended windows/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

How can I do this?

We don’t know what’s going on inside your partial. Please read Requesting Help and add a link to your repo.

Edit to add:

Your error is complaining about $paginator. My guess would be that you have paginator code in your partial. is a single page, and paginators only work in a list page context.

This is a link to my partials/repo, does this work?

Edit: How would I make this a list page?

You would use blog/ instead.

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Thank you, that works beautifully!

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