OT: Converting Jeykyll Theme to HUGO

I am currently converting a jekyll theme into hugo.

this jeykll theme contains Load More button to load more posts!

I am confused how can I do this in HUGO.

Demo of Jekyll Theme: https://nubia-jekyll.netlify.app/
Demo of HUGO Theme: https://nubia-hugo.netlify.app/

I created buttons for the next page, but I need that load more button to load posts on the same page.

Please tell me how to do this!

The link to the next page of paginated posts in Hugo can be retrieved through the .Next variable that needs to be used within the context of a Pagination template.

However Hugo is agnostic when it comes to the front-end interface of a website.

You would need to use JS in the templates to consume the above link on the front-end of your website.

As noted in the forum Requersting Help guidelines we do not provide support for JS techniques in this forum.

Search Google, StackOverflow etc. for ways to implement the functionality you need.

Also search the Hugo Themes Showcase for themes that may offer the user experience you describe.