Hugo showing Blank page while accessing in URL

Hi Support team,

I have setup Hugo with Docker and when i access with URL it shows me Blank page. Also i checked the logs and i got an error of “no layout file for HTML for home”.

Please check the attached screenshot.

It’s hard to tell without seeing your code, though the error means what it says :stuck_out_tongue: . Are you using a theme? What is in either /layouts/index.html or /themes/layouts/index.html?

May i know where is the defaults pages location. Like in apache by defaults in /var/www/html. can you please guide me where the files stored in Hugo

You can check within the repo

Please follow the advice at Requesting Help.

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I think you may be confused as to what Hugo is and how it works. Although Hugo comes with a testing web server, that not what it is (i.e. it’s not an alternative to Apache). Hugo is a static site generator (SSG) which takes markdown files, templates, assets (CSS, JS, images) to build a static website.

When you run hugo server the site is built in memory and served by the test webserver (localhost:1313). If you want Hugo to build your site to disk (so you could serve the pages with Apache) then run hugo. By the default the site is built into the public folder within your project’s directory.

Hugo is a static site generator then where i have to placed the templates. because it is showing me a blank page.

Please follow the link @maiki posted above.

Have you tried following the Quick Start Tutorial?