Webpage is refreshed, but the new content is not presented

Hi - I use Hugo for some months now and I believe I have found a bug. BTW - Hugo is a fantastic project and thank you very much for putting the time to get it even better.

I’m using Hugo and all files from a USB drive, formatted as FAT32. When running with:

hugo server --disableFastRender

When I change any .md file, the web page is refreshed, but the new content doesn’t appear. I must shut down and start the Hugo server again for changes to show up.

Is there a way I should invoke Hugo for you to trace useful information, perhaps in debug mode?


I am having the same issue.
In my case I use ZDoc theme and it works when you update a file, but when you create a new folder it doesn’t refresh the index nor the information inside, you have to restart the server, even when you use hugo server -w in order to make it watch the changes.

I’m having the same issue. I would really appreciate a solution.
Whenever I create a new file like content/menu/muffins/banana-nut/index.md, I’m creating a new folder to go with it so I can use content bundling. But it sounds like that’s what’s causing the failure for livereload to see the new files?

Yes. It seems that it just happend with .md files, not with partials or .html files. The live reload seems to be working fine, but the changes made in the .md files are not reflected on the browser. Is there a way to investigate this further?

And it’s somehow related with being a USB drive or FAT32. In NTFS, using a fixed disk, the issue doesn’t happen.

As far as I know in the documentation there is no mention that the Hugo binaries are meant for use as portable apps or that Hugo projects can be served through USB sticks.

What you describe sounds like typical I/O issues one encounters, when running apps through USB sticks. Hugo projects are not meant to be run from USB sticks, FAT32, NTFS or whatever. When one runs hugo server then everything is served through memory. Using a USB stick will give you subpar performance.

Also regarding the other comments in this thread, may I remind to all of you that you really need to provide specific steps to reproduce what you describe including sharing the code of your projects.

There is a big pink banner at the top of this forum with the guidelines about requesting help. Also just in case the banner got dismissed, the guidelines are always available over here: https://discourse.gohugo.io/t/requesting-help/9132