No sidebar background in deployed Netlify production website


I couldn’t find any posts related to background color not showing up in deployed website that had some type of solution to them.

I’m using the tranquilpeak theme and deployed my website using Netlify.

My issue is the sidebar menu background color doesn’t show up when viewing a post on the Netlify production website. Instead, it is a white background and you can’t really see the text. It shows up just fine on the homepage.

Taking advantage of Netlify’s features, I tried both deploy preview and branch preview to test different configurations. On both sites it worked as expected - all pages show the correct background. As an example, here is a current branch preview site.

Things I tried:

  • Different web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on different devices (Computer, Google Pixel, iPad)
  • Clear browser cache
  • Turn off clearReading - a theme feature which hides the sidebar menu. For now, I will turn it on so it hides the sidebar menu when viewing posts.
  • Reduced the sidebar size via the sidebarBehavior option

For more details, I have a post where I document how I build this site and mention the bug there. Note: As I’m a new user, I am restricted to 2 links so I can’t link to these directly.

I am not sure if this is Netlify issue or an issue on my side. Your help is greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance!

The site is minimized, making it difficult to read the code. Please read Requesting Help and share your site’s project repo.

Thanks @maiki for your response and helpful message. I apologize for not reading the article earlier. I have read through it and below are the site repo and theme links:

Site project repo

Tranquilpeak Theme

Let me know if you require any more information. Thanks in advance!

It works fine locally. As you’ve listed what you’ve done, my next step would be to deploy without it minified or served from a CDN, and see how that works.

Thanks @maiki. Yes it works fine locally, as well as on Netlify’s deploy preview and branch preview sites. It is just the production site that is having issues.

Originally, I had deployed it without it minified and thought minifying would resolve the issue, which it hasn’t.

Regarding CDN - it is my understanding that Netlify provides this out of the box already.

I have also contacted Netlify to see if they can help out.