404 - content structure or layouts issue?

I have two different content types. One ‘posts’, another ‘portfolio’. I organised it as follows:

  • Content
    ** portfolio
    *** item1
    *** item2
    ** posts
    *** post1

In my layouts folder I have:

  • Layouts
    ** _default
    *** list.html
    *** single.html
    ** portfolio
    *** list.html
    *** single.html

When navigating to localhost:1313/portfolio, or localhost:1313/portfolio/item1, I get a 404. Am I overlooking something, or would it potentially be a theme issue?

Could you add imaging to your content overview? I see portfolio and posts there, no imaging. Something is missing in your report.

I do apologize. I renamed it and did not edit in this post. The URL with the 404 is indeed:
localhost:1313/portfolio, or localhost:1313/portfolio/item1

I edited that in the original question.

Hi there,

It’s difficult to say just by what you posted. Maybe they’re in draft. Maybe portfolio/ is a single page. We don’t have enough information. Please link to your site project repo and we can try to help.

See: Requesting Help

I do apologize!

I found out that it had something to do with the i18n. For browsing to

  • localhost:1313/nl/portfolio works
  • localhost:1313/portfolio → 404
  • localhost:1313/en/portfolio → 404

Other pages on localhost:1313/en/somepage work just fine. So not sure what exactly is going wrong, but will dig deeper to see whether I can resolve the issue myself.