Home page display problem

I changed the theme. It turns out that during the deployment of the new site in production. When logging in for the first time, the old home page is displayed. However, when browsing other pages. everything comes back to normal. I find the elements of my new site. There is a cleanup of the old site that was not done properly. Will you know what I need to modify or watch to have only the new site?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi there,

Please have a read about Requesting Help

It is easier to help if we can see your code, instead of guessing at what it looks like.

It is difficult to transmit the code in the site is in a secure private environment.
I would like to do a first analysis by checking if everything is ok then if the problem persists. I have a cleanup and then you send the code.
Is that possible ?

Have you emptied your browser’s cache? Tried a different browser/computer?

Since the problem is (probably) with the layout, not the content, make a copy of the site’s “code” with filler content and share.