Merge local and data-driven content in list

I’m playing around with data-driven content, using getJSON to retrieve a list of bookmarks from Pinboard and a list of posts from

I’d like to build a front-page that lists everything, including local blog posts, sorted by date. Pagination isn’t important, let’s say it lists the latest 20 items. I’m familiar with the union function, but I can’t get it to work with the results from getJSON.

Is my goal possible, and if so: any tips for how to pull it off?

Can you share the code you’ve attempted this with so far?

Kind of, I set up a demo repository for you.

The main idea is I have two inputs:

{{ $localPosts := ($.Site.GetPage "section" "blog").Pages }}
{{ $microPosts := getJSON "" }}

Is there a way to make them… I don’t know, “compatible” with each other? My goal here is to combine $localPosts and $microPosts into one set to range through and sort by date. In the above case the dates are accessible by .Date and .date_published – how would I combine and sort this?

You could do a ‘manual’ union and cast each to the same ‘type’ as you go:

{{ $combi := slice }}

{{ $localPosts := ($.Site.GetPage "section" "blog").Pages }}
{{ $microPosts := getJSON "" }}

{{- range $localPosts -}}
{{ $combi = $combi | append (dict "url" .Permalink "date_published" .Date "content_html" .Content) }}
{{- end -}}

{{- range $microPosts.items -}}
{{ $d := .date_published | time }}
{{ $combi = $combi | append (dict "url" .url "date_published" $d "content_html" .content_html) }}
{{- end -}}

{{ range sort $combi "date_published" "asc" }}
{{ . }}
{{ end }}

So that’s how you do it! :slight_smile: I was hoping it would be something like that, but didn’t know about slice. Thank you very much for the solution!

I’m following most of what’s happening here, however I’m unsure about what the pipe character (|) is doing on lines 7, 11, and 12? Is that basically saying “and also do this”?

Kinda. It means to pipe the output of one action and use it as the input for another action.

Checkout the docs for more details:

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