Menus appear to be broken in 80.1

I read that if I put a literal url that begins with https://… as the url to a menu entry, then it will actually appear that way in the generated site and NOT use the baseURL.

But, this seems to be untrue. Here is a menu entry:

    name = "Travelogues"
    url = ""

The baseURL is: baseURL = ""

The links on the menu appear as:

This makes no sense. Either the documentation is wrong or the code does something that makes little sense. There ought to be a rule that if a url variable value begins with “https://” that it is meant to be taken literally–right or wrong. A url that begins with a “/” or text must be relative to the baseURL.

Here is what I read in the docs:

If the value used for URL in the above example is , the output will be .

The docs describe behavior that makes sense. But, it doesn’t seem to work that way…

How are you rendering your url in your layout?

Where would I look for that? It’s not my theme.

Which _default layout?

Please read Requesting Help and follow the suggestions. We need to be able to see your code to be able to help you.

Assuming you are talking about the same project as in your other topic, I am unable to replicate your issue. I can see the URLs exactly as they are supposed to work.