[OT]: No Refresh on deployed website

When I access my deployed website I always need to do a browser reload.
Otherwise it won’t show the new content.
I have disabled all caching in the .htaccess but no success.

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This is a general question about browser caching and the like.

This is the Hugo Support Forum and we offer support only for Hugo issues.

I see this issuewith hugo only.
So isn’t it then hugo related?


I have moved your message to this topic and I am going to reply here.

It is highly unlikely that Hugo has anything to do with what you describe, because Hugo is a static site generator that outputs plain HTML files along with their assets.

The way you have structured your project’s HTML and how you serve it on the internet is up to you.

Browsers -particularly Chrome- are known to use -sometimes- aggressive caching. Also if you are using a CDN then you may also experience caching issues if you do not use the right configuration to invalidate the cache when a website is updated.

However these scenarios are not covered by the support that we offer in this forum.

In the future please follow the Requesting Help guidelines when opening topics.

P.S. I am re-opening this topic for a limited amount of time in case you want to reply further, but note that I still think your question is OT.

Thank you for your reply!
I just haven’t noted something like this on any other static sites or CMS that I use.

But on all my hugo sites.
I have checked various devices and also other people devices.
Thank you again for opening the topic. Maybe anyone else can confirm this.

I don’t have to clear the cache. Just a reload via F5 or CTRL+R is enough (swipe on mobile).
But if a visitor comes on the page by entering the URL he/she doesn’t get presented the fresh content.

During development the content is refreshed immidiately. I just use “hugo server”

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