My experiences with Hugo's template lookup order

I just want to share some of my experiences by testing the lookup order for templates. I tested these and wrote them down the same time. Nevertheless I could be wrong in some cases. So if you have better solutions or remarks please don’t hesitate to share.

In this example we work with a sample directory hugo-docs and different layout variants.

For this purpose we create this directory (content/hugo-docs) and also create an (note the spelling!) in this directory. This will later contain the content for the page domain.tld/hugo-docs/.

If an additional is created in the directory, it is used as a list page for the directory contents. You can assign an individual list template to it by creating layouts/hugo-docs/list.html. This template is then automatically taken by Hugo because the directory names are identical (content/hugo-docs and layouts/hugo-docs).

Layout variants

Variant 1

By default, Hugo takes the first layout single.html found. This is usually in layouts/_default/single.html.

Variant 2

An alternative layout can be used by creating a directory in layouts for this page (e. g. layouts/hugo-docs) and creating a single.html in this directory. In this case, Hugo automatically takes this layout because its directory has the same name as the page itself.

Variant 3

If a new template layouts/hugo-docs/test.html is now created in this directory, this can be selected in the Front Matter of the page with

layout = "test"

Variant 4

Another option is to select a layout from a different layouts directory. To do this, specify the type of the layout in the Front Matter with the directory name:

type = "static page"

Now Hugo automatically takes the template single.html from layouts/static-page.

Variant 5

If you create another template test.html in layouts/static-page, you can select this in the Front Matter with

type   = "static page"
layout = "test"

Variant 6

You can also create a layout in layouts/_default with the name of the page hugo-docs.html. Either Hugo will take this automatically if no more suitable layout is found in the lookup order, or it will be selected in the Front Matter of the page with

layout = "hugo-docs"

In the directory hugotest-master of @bep Hugo Demo project are examples for the new bundles feature e. g. in the directory hugotest-master/content/section3/myarticle. The project can be found here:

Hope this helps.


Why doesn’t content templating work under the THEME directory structure?

The link to is broken

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Thanks for this. Well done!