HUGO in a content directory does not use matching list.html in layouts directory?

Hello, I am trying to make a hugo website for doing challenges from frontend-mentor (a CSS practice website).

To do so, I am (trying to) set up an supplied index.html file into layouts/path/to/challenge/list.html,
then I do ‘hugo new path/to/challenge/’.

I expect hugo to use the supplied index.html i installed, however, it is using the _default/list.html template.
I have an archetype set up that sets SCSS and JS params, and in partials/head.html, i check for them and include them… Even that is not happening.

I have made a github repo with my setup here: GitHub - snhmibby/frontend-mentor: A Hugo website for frontend-mentor attempts

So what I understand after some frustration is that only the first folder (the section root?) is used for template lookup >.<

You can specify the template in the frontmatter of the MD file, afaik.

Yes, you can set the ‘layout’ variable, is what I’m doing now.
It’s ok also like this :slight_smile: