About template lookup order and creating sections and lists

I created a content / handbook / index.md for my handbook. The link in the navigation is displayed correctly when clicked, the content of the index.md is displayed correctly.

title: "Index"
date: 2018-01-03T18:48:05+01:00
draft: false
     name: Handbook
     url: /handbook/
     weight: 2

Now I want to create more pages for my manual. I have created a manuals.md page. I have created a manuals.md page. if I enter in the browser http: // localhost: 1313 / kwpse / handbook / manuals, I get as an er 404 page not found

title: "Manuals"
slug: "manuals"
date: 2018-02-09T22:09:17+01:00
draft: false

Is it useful to create a directory content / handbook / manuals / index.md or is it better content / handbook / manuals.md? In index.md I have the contents of manuals.md. I have already tried this variant. Agai»
I have read the documentation several times.

Here is the content of the list.html, because I don’t want a list page when I klick the handbook link

{{ partial "header.html" . }}

<div class="grid">
  {{ .Content }}

{{ partial "footer.html" . }}

At least I want to implement a dynamic toc like the material docs template from digitalcraftsman

This is the only question I see, so let’s try to answer it.

First of all, always link to the full site repo, so we can clone and run the site ourselves. We can’t troubleshoot without seeing a lot of different templates. Refer to Requesting Help for more guidelines.

What is the URL you are trying to get? Something like example.com/handbook/manuals? What shows on that page? Is it a single content file, or a list of other content?

Share your site’s source code, it may make more sense. :slight_smile:

Also, please change the title of this title to be something relevant. Your issue isn’t a “404 page not found”, it is about template lookup order and creating sections and lists.

Perhaps this helps: