Can’t get both static home page AND pages in sub folders to work at the same time

Beating my head on this wall way too long. If I use content/ my pages in subdirectories all work just fine, but the home page is a list of blog posts. If I use content/ my home page works but all other pages linked on the menu are 404.

I have tried changing the content of theme/hugo-casper-two/layouts/index.html but this does not seem to change anything.

My content structure is like this, mainly due to a couple of shortcuts I’m using:

Content/about/images/(multiple jpegs)


What am I doing wrong on this one?

Docs here:

Using content/ means that Hugo interprets your page as a Leaf Bundle. This means that all other page-type content under it are treated as Page Resources, which in this case would have no Permalinks.

Ok, thanks. I think I understand that a bit better now, but how do I tell Hugo to stop using a list of blog posts for the home page? It is defaulting to that, even with no in /content/, and I can’t find where the theme specifies it…

It’ll be in the homepage template, likely one of:


After severely modifying layouts/index.html, nothing changes. Is it using layouts/_default/list.html instead?


Hugo follows the following lookup rules:

The index.html in your theme is named Index.html, note the capital I. Hugo does not recognise this, so then moves down the list as per the layout lookup rules I linked to above, to find the next available layout file, and uses instead _default/list.html.

Rename Index.html to index.html with small letter i so Hugo recognises and uses that layout.

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So I am back where I started. Home page content with no other content, or home page as blog post list with all other sections working fine.

So how do I get a static home page with single layout and multiple nested leaf bundles underneath it?

  1. Use if you want child pages.
  2. Modify layouts/index.html to reflect what you want to be rendered in your homepage.

Yeah I am doing my editing in iOS Safari. Auto-caps is driving me crazy,

This is what I have been attempting since yesterday. Changes to that file do not seem to be recognized. Will try again…

So I renamed the file to and modified theme/themename/layouts/index.html by commenting out the post-list partial and inserting a {{ .Content }} section.

It worked! Fugly, but functional. It’s all cleanup and css from here.

THANK YOU! All of you, seriously…


I’m trying to do something similar to this,

I want my pages to be like this:


I created .md files like this:

and under theme/themename/layouts:

But when I open the page localhost:1313/gallery/tattoo-making/
only home page renders

What should I do to create multiple paths under one folder name?

I got the solution from this link:

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