Single page template look up

Hi there,

First of all I love Hugo, so I rebuild my blog on it.
But I encountered a problem when building my “About Me” page regarding template it uses.

Here’s my directory hierarchy:

index.html a.png b.png

baseof.html single.html list.html


I expected when rendering “about” page, Hugo will use layout/about/single.html for templating, but actually it used layout/_default/single, Can anyone tell me why? Many thanks!

BTW, my hugo version is: Hugo Static Site Generator v0.74.0-DEV darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown.

If about is not a defined taxonomy or category, it will not go to the layout/about/ folder for the template.
Alternative is to use layout: about in the front-matter of your about page.

title: "About"
draft: false
layout: about

For further clarification you can read the following documentation:

Thanks @Shashank !

I understand changing layout is a workaround way. What I confused is the type of the “about” page, per my understanding, it’s a single leaf bundle under the “about” section, is that right? If it’s right, according to the “hugo’s lookup order”, I think layout/about/single.html is its template.

“about” is not a section.

Ah! I got it now, many thanks! @jmooring

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