filtering for themes being maintained

I am using, and am looking to adopt a theme that has semi-active maintenance. I find some of the Hugo themes are no longer actively maintained. To figure this out, I look at each theme’s source to determine the last meaningful commit and Hugo version used.

What are the most popular Hugo themes? asks for adding filtering options, I concur this would be useful. @pointyfar built, but it seems to only match Hugo versions up to 0.81 (released Feb 2021) and the “updated” field stops at May 2021. So the website (as of 7/23/2023) doesn’t work for themes from the past two years.

My questions are:

  • Can Hugo support filter options in
  • How can I currently look up semi-actively maintained projects?

One workaround: GitHub advanced searching for repositories with topic:hugo and sorting by last commit:

While waiting for advanced filtering options on the themes page, I am using Hugo Themes Report.


You can use and sort themes by “Last update”


A minor suggestion: the thumbnails are too blurry to me.

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A report was opened, thanks for the feedback!

You can check out Statichunt.
Currently, there are almost 90+ hand-picked Hugo themes available, with advanced filter options as well. You can filter by the last update, stars, forks, etc.

Thank you.