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I see that it’s taking a long time to add a theme to the official Hugo themes site. There are PRs from 1st Jan 2023 which are not merged yet.

I don’t blame anyone for this as I understand that there is less manpower available. In fact I would like to thank @bep who not only leads the Hugo development but also reviews PRs relating to new theme additions.

I also see that @digitalcraftsman who has merge access to the repo has set his GitHub status to ‘I may be slow to respond’. As of now it’s only a bot which updates themes metadata and clearly the PRs are not merged from past few months.

I have been a huge fan of opensource & would like to volunteer to increase the manpower.

I was familiarizing myself with the policies for acceptance of a theme.
So far I have found that:

  1. Themes in this repository are accepted only if they come with an Open Source license that allows for the theme to be freely used, modified, and shared.
  2. When porting an existing theme from another platform to Hugo, one has to make sure that the requirements of the original theme’s license are met.

Is there anything else that I should be aware of ?

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  • That the 2 images required looks sensible.
  • And that the README isn’t obviously used as advertising for other products with big banners and stuff (e.g. paid version of the same theme; we have had some examples).

After we stopped building theme previews we have more lenient requirements. We will remove themes without questions if they start doing funky stuff.

If you want to give a hand, somehow send me your GitHub username.

Got it @bep . I have tried to send you my username through dm.

Maybe we should include this rule here.

I think it’s in there already.

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