Searching themes by attribute?

I asked this question 5 years ago, and got the very helpful answer that I could clone the repository at

and then search through the theme.toml files using find and egrep. However, that site has been replaced with

which doesn’t actually contain all the information, more a listing of the git repositories of the current themes. What I want is some way to find which sites, for example, support mathjax (for mathematics), or abcjs (for music notation). This is hard to do on the hugo themes site. I’d also want to find, if possible, if there are any forks of older themes. For example, the story theme is no longer maintained as its original developer “encourages forking”. How do I find if there’s an actively maintained fork?

Thanks very much!

You can see the forks clicking here provides a list of Hugo themes with additional informations:

  • amount of forks & stars on Github
  • last update

See this recent discussion: filtering for themes being maintained - #2 by McShelby