How to eliminate hugo themes above version XX.X from search

Hi, I am new to Hugo. I installed it from debian package system, so my Hugo version is 0.68.3, and I would like to not even have to look at themes available on site that are above that “Minimum Hugo Version”, as there are so many :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I was not able to find out if it’s even possible. :unamused: All that I can see is search by tags.

So, can I list all themes that are BELOW a specified version number, without pulling this website apart?

Thanks – Matthew

Hi there,

Have a look at something I made a while back:

You can filter versions (and other attributes) in/out. It is not in any way official, and may not always be totally up to date.

Lovely! Just what I was trying to find. I will use it.

Thanks! – Matthew