Newsletter recommendations?

I understand this is not directly related to Hugo, or any other generator for that matter.

I am hoping someone can recommend a good newsletter service (free or paid) that I can use to generate daily newsletters with posts from my hugo website. The newsletter will be very simple, with thumbnails, title and link to the posts that were published the previous night.

I’ve done some research on mailchimp, constant contact and a few others. They get really expensive once you cross the 2500 readers. This thread on quora has a good set of answers and alternatives. What are the cheaper, better alternatives to MailChimp?
To be honest tho, the thread is a little overwhelming with over 20+ options and not much clarity on if anyone is really cheaper / better.

My goal is to grow my site’s newsletter subscribers to 10,000 by end of this year. I also looked at google’s feedburner, but I am not very sure if it is still maintained and if people still use it.

Thank you!

We use and like Email Octopus, and it’s easy to integrate with a static site. It’s using Amazon AWS SES for the emailing, so it’s really cheap to use. You do have to set up AWS and SES though, so, there’s a little bit of a learning curve, but, nothing too hard. There are free and paid versions. Check it out.


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That’s the thing though, if anyone was cheaper and better all the others would be out of business. I’d say it’s more about the best fit, though generally there are always some caveats to ‘free’. The wisest choice can be to pay for services that are business critical (this may or may not be for you).

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