Email generation?

Hi has anybody ever tried using Hugo to generate email templates? Using front matter to fill in the email header content and the main markdown content for the body?

emails could be sent through pointing Mailchip to the email url that Hugo generates. If anyone is familiar with Craft CMS this is something that it can do.

I am going to try and implement this myself, but I was interested to see if anyone else had tried this?


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Not in the way you mention with Mailchimp. But I have made a /newsletter/ taxonomy with Hugo for email marketing. This taxonomy is hidden from robots, because I don’t want to see its contents in the SERPs. Whenever I create a new email I run hugo server and then I simply copy the rendered html and paste it into the body of an email.

Also a while back when the Archetypes update came out (can’t remember which Hugo version it was) Bjørn Erik posted an example regarding the use of Hugo archetypes for Newsletters. Look it up.

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