Creating a simple newsletter for hugo

Alright, so having a static site means no database, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a service like tinyletter or mailchimp.

I am going to detail how to do this with right now, for simplicity’s sake.

basic digest of posts

  1. sign up for and

  2. set up your newsletter and note down the private email address to send content to it.

3.set up your zap like in the screenshot below

simply put, give your rss feed to zapier so it can create the digest and send to your private tinyletter address.

Also, you may want to edit the template that is sent. Mine’s like this:

Filter digest by category

The think I like about zapier is that it lets you have more control about how your tasks are processed.

In this case, since my Hugo theme doesn’t have an rss feed for each category, I use a filter to make a digest dedicated to a single category of posts:


In this case, simple-things is the category and it’s used in the permalinks of that category.

This is it, hope it helps you get more visits to your blog or project :slight_smile: