Email subscription

For people who can’t be bothered with an RSS reader, I want a simple email subscription form so they can stay upto date with my blog posts.

What is the easiest service that integrates well with Hugo that I could use? I do have an AWS account if that helps.


you must use a solution outside of Hugo.

On the client side use (for ex.) as free

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A mailto hyperlink to

As @ju52 said, this isn’t something Hugo can do.

You might be able to build something using AWS Lambda, but the easiest option (IMHO) would be to put a mailing list signup form on your site and then automate something using a commercial mailing list provider:

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I created to leverage AWS SNS to send out emails as opposed to using another complex SaaS.

However now I’m struggling to work out how to come up with a pipeline whereby I can track the posts / new content on RSS between announcements.

Are there any tricks or workflows on this regards?

Thank you in advance!

Can you elaborate the idea? I want to implement it.