Signup newsletter for Hugo blog

I know Hugo is static, but I am using it along side Netlify and NetlifyCMS. Has anyone come up with a good way to support newsletter (email subscriptions) of Hugo blog posts? I have no idea where to start.

Have you tried incorporating something like Email Octopus or MailChimp in your pages, then having those watch the RSS? Iirc it should be possible. I don’t know if you’d get the exact content but rather a summary, and a link to the actual page.

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Or, with EmailOctopus, you could use Zapier to do it, I think.

Ooh, I have not. I’ll look into it! Thanks

Yeah, basically, you’d put your mailing-list signup form for the newsletter on a static page, or, the sidebar, and people adding their email and name would get pushed to the list. You can get embed codes for these, for either EmailOctopus or MailChimp. Then, you would use that list as the send-to target, for whatever process you integrate, whether it’s Mail Chimp’s rss-to-email, or, a Zapier-fueled one for EmailOctopus.

Wow, that’s awesome! Do you know if either of these solutions are part of a free plan? Running on a tight budget, haha

I am pretty sure both do, but these things change so the best thing is to check it out to see. I’m using EO, with its Amazon AWS SES sending, which is free up to x0000 emails iirc. There were different limits for each of these services - like, number of lists vs number of total subscribers etc. You’d need to see what their current plans offer.

Got it. Thanks so much Rick! I’ll ping back if I have any other questions as I try to integrate.