Notify "subscribers" of new content?

I am curious if there is a service like “Disqus” that could be used to allow people to “subscribe” to my blog so that they get notification when new content is available.

How do people handle this currently in Hugo?

Thank you!

Didn’t even know Disqus had such feature. Isn’t a RSS/Atom feed enough?

Disqus doesn’t. I wasn’t clear, I meant a service that we could link in and use like we link in and use Disqus.

In regards to RSS/Atom. I took a short poll of (my) readers, and less than 1% use a RSS reader. They are now use to things like Twitter and Facebook.

With IFTTT you can auto-publish your articles to your social media channels, e.g. with RSS to Twitter.

I have not tried this service so far.

That’s a great idea and it works wonderfully! Thank you!

Mailchimp offers a service that reads your RSS and sends out email on new content.