My comment system is still alive and I am currently adding projects

Teaser Screenshot:

Development Git:

Having Projects means you can serve multiple websites with one installation of Labertasche. It is not released yet, but I am getting there, just need to clean up some more code and implement the changes in the main Javascript file.

Why I am writing this, is to ask you guys if you have anything on your wish list, regarding comments on your website. I don’t even know if anyone is using it besides me, but here I am.
Please feel free to just write up what you think and what you would like to see.
Do use Github issues, if you feel more comfortable there.

Thanks for any feedback or comment.


I not planning to add comments to my website right now, but I want to check it out! Do you have a deployed example?

There is a working example included when you clone the repo.

But my website is also using it:

It is not a copy/paste solution like Disqus, but the advantage is that you can

a) fully style it, it does not feel alien
b) have full control over the data
c) it integrates natively into Hugo.

The disadvantage:

  • It does not work with pure webhosting solutions, you need to run a flask server.

edit: If you do end up trying it, please feel free to shoot me a mail to contact at if you have questions or run into trouble. The documentation is there, but I am not sure if people can follow it properly. I am dying for some feedback :smiley:.

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