Porting a comments system based off of google sheets

Hey guys, I just read this this, and this blog post about creating a comments system for a static site. It looks like it is a nice, reliable, free static site comments solution, but it’s made for Jekyll, not Hugo.

I think I will try porting it over to Hugo, but I am not so familliar with the syntax of hugo, and especially not jekyll. So if anyone has any main tips or overview or links with guides that may help me in this, please let me know.

It seems I mostly need to change variables and configuration stuff. It’s a good 969 lines of code, I’ll see how it goes.

Hi everyone. In case anyone else is actually interested, here is my progress:

I decided not to port the one linked in my post, it was too much work. Instead I am trying to make something from scratch.

Here is how it looks currently:

It uses a google sheet, google form, and google apps script. It’s completely free and fairly easy to setup.

Still needs some more progress. I’ll keep everyone updated in case someone actually cares.

The main purpose of this is because

disqus - I dont even need to explain why we hate it
giscus - Looks a bit unprofessional in my opinion. (although I really appreciate all the work the devs put it - it’s a pretty decent option).
isso - Really beautiful and amazing - but requires a linux server - $$$$
staticman - also costs $$$ to host
cusdis - Amazing, but you dont own your comments - no way to export them. Otherwise its awesome. And its not a company so you never know how long they will support their product
remarkbox - looks really nice, but I had trouble getting it working nicely.

this - It’s working off google sheets / script / forms - which seem to be pretty safe in terms of their future. Although honestly, Google is known to get rid of their products pretty quickly…

Also, the cons of this is that it will probably get slow once you have many comments.