I am programming a comment system designed for Hugo

Here are some screenshots. It is made with Python Flask, light weight and works really well.
It exports comments as json, which you can then use to load comments and regenerate the site.
This requires access to the server to run it and to access Hugo, so this will not work with pure web-hosting, sorry.

So far I have:

  • Email confirmation of links, after being MX checked so the domain exists, sent in multi-mime
  • Delete link in email to allow the user control over his data
  • Checks against throw-away mails
  • Bayesian anti-spam detection
  • Allow and block mail addresses
  • Dictionary for common smileys to be converted to Unicode smileys
  • Strips html from any input
  • Admin dashboard
  • Gravatar with caching option

What does not (yet) work:

  • Replies

Let me know of your wishlist concerning such a feature and I can see what I can do about it.


May we have a peek at the source so far? Is this something you’re making that would be FOSS or commercial?

What do the front end dependencies look like?

Hi, thanks for the interest.

License is MIT, so full on FOSS.

The only thing you need in Hugo is a short JavaScript function and one template. The are no other dependencies. All Labertasche adds to Hugo are some json files, one per article.

The backend runs on wsgi, so gunicorn with reverse proxy or Apache etc. DB wise anything SqlAlchemy supports.

I am also planning additional scripts to host the admin panel privately, so you can access it via ssh tunnel.

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It’s finally done, here is the code:

Please do report bugs and issues via either github or gitea.


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