How I Implemented Comments on a Static Site - Static Site with Super-Powers

Hugo was really awesome but I had to look for a Comment System. Staticman and Remarkbox were great but this blog is hosted on GitLab’s Repo, so no Staticman support and Remarkbox was not that great option.

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Back to the 90s! Lol!

Your solution reminds me of how we used to write comments in site guestbooks back in the day.

Hm… I like your solution since it’s dead simple to implement and a throwback.

lol! I didn’t like disqus or anything else like that. This looks cool!

Maybe interesting for you to know that a few days ago I posted about a new alternative to Disqus and others: Talkyard. (I’m developing it)

Instructions for Hugo:

I realize though that now you’ve found another alternative that works okay for you :- )

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Now Staticman has native GitLab support.

You may view my demo sites.