Kaiju for comments?

I notice from the docs that, as well as Hugo, spf13 are developing a comments system [also written in Go] called Kaiju. Information on Kaiju is pretty sparse [not much more than the github project README] and I can’t find any links to a demo.

Is anyone using Kaiju on their Hugo [or any other] site at the moment and, if so, do you have any thoughts/info on the following:

  • Ease of installation/integration with Hugo.
  • Stability/usability at current development state.
  • Health of the project [Github repo hasn’t been updated in 9 months].
  • Link to a site using Kaiju, so I can see how it looks.


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Thought I’d resurrect this old query of mine, as it didn’t get any love when I originally posted it and the issue of wanting to find an alternative [preferably self-hosted, preferably open-source, preferably Golang-based] to Disqus raises its ugly head, every time I fire up my browser’s developer tools console and see how much of a bottle-neck Disqus-integration is having on the loading time of my site. So:

  • Whither Kaiju? Is it abandonware?
  • Anyone using [or aware of] any self-hosted / open-source /golang-based alternatives?

I’ve had a look at a few options. Most seem either abandoned, or use PHP [Yuck!], or heavyweight JS libraries like JQuery. I’d prefer not to swop the overhead of having Disqus embedded for the overhead of loading some unwieldy framework instead –just to add a few comments.

  • Self-hosted Discourse looks fairly interesting, but Ruby on Rails?! [See previous point].
  • ISSO looks like a nice lightweight [Python + JS] alternative. But, if I’m interpreting the docs correctly seems wide open to spam.

Any other suggestions?

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