Labertasche V2 RC1 released

With the year coming to an end, I have released a new version of Labertasche as a release candidate. For you that do now know it, it is a commentary system for Hugo that fully integrates into Hugo’s data structure, with the aim to feel more natural than discourse and other copy/paste solutions.

New Features

  • Added the ability to manage multiple Hugo sites with one Labertasche installation!
  • Added translations throughout the project, including German translation. If you wish to add other languages, please look at the directories i18n and templates/mail.
  • Fixed a handful of bugs and streamlined the project so future updates are quicker.
  • Mails sent are now prettier and can be translated
  • Some settings have been moved, please see the section at the bottom


  • sendotp is now properly honored
  • added cors decorator to some functions that missed them

How to upgrade

Stop the server, run from the main directory, then start it up again. Point a browser at the dashboard and log in.
Follow the wizard, which will upgrade your database. If you are using Postgres or MySQL, please make a SQL dump before proceeding.

Existing comments will be moved into a new project called “default”, using your old settings. You may edit this via the dashboard.

The url in the data-remote attribute on id labertasche-comment-section, must now include the project name, please update your html.

Please report bugs as they appear and remember, this is an unstable release.