Looking for a Front End Solution

I’m extremely new to all this, and right now my website is all up and running and stable at blog.paintdog.art (currently, I just uploaded a copy of my website to GitHub - SorenPuppy/paintdog.art). Right now, my biggest issue is that my website is hosted on an NGINX Proxy, all the way across the world by a very generous friend who had the server space to share, but I have to go through an airgap, and the entire process is not great when it comes to making edits. I’m looking for a solution which will allow me to simply access a panel, like say on blog.paintdog.art/admin, and be able to easily make post. It doesn’t need to be fancy, all I want is something that can make post. I’ve looked into Decap, Forestry/Tina, and Strappi, but I haven’t really had much success with any of them, as most of the guides revolve around using Netlify, which I’ve heard a few horror stories from and am a bit hesitant towards.

What are you recommendations?


Personally, I’d go with Decap and Netlify if you want an admin type interface; the only downside is the setup required in cofiguring Decap to match your content structure. If you’re not a coder, you can edit content files direct on Github and set it up to build and serve your site for you. Editing content in GH is fast and intuitive.

Either solution will allow you to make content updates from your browser, and will handle all of the build and host your site for free; it’s hard not to love that.

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It’s a reasonable use case.

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The Github route sounds great. I’ve kinda been doing that- using a codespace and then copy pasting the content of the pages-, but it’d be great to have it just allow me to push straight to the website. How would one go about it? Is it as simple as adding the repo under [imports]?

You can host on Cloudflare ( free plan ) and use Tina as CMS.

So, this definitely seems like something I’ll need to keep in mind, however I’m not sure if I’m understanding it fully. The thing is, I already have my site hosted on an nginx server. What I’m looking for is less hosting, and moreso just the ability to edit things on Github, and then have those updates reflected on my website, blog.paintdog.art. How would you set it up so that hugo (which is already live and hosted on a personal server), will essentially consumes the content on Github, and then rebuild?

My issue with this is that I already have my website hosted elsewhere, and the benefits I get from this are great so I’d rather keep things there if possible. Is there a way to integrate all of this on a self-hosted NGINX server?

You can setup GitHub webhooks on your server to trigger hugo build on GitHub code update.

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I actually like this idea. Right now what I’ve done is I’ve uploaded my hugo site to Github, then cloned that repo into the site folder. Now, all I need is to figure out how to set it up so that whenever I push a commit to the GitHub repo, it also fetches that to my server. Would that also be possible with webhooks? Trying to figure out how to set that up.

You are required to pull from GitHub and run hugo build. You can create a bash script to do these, trigerred by the webhook.

What benefits?

A self-hosted server is generally a terrible idea.

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