Been a while but I need y'alls help

It has been quite a while since I last visited this site. I remember building a static site and how much fun it was. I have recently graduated with a bachelors and want to start a fun web project but this time with a back end. I loved HUGO and the community so I thought I’d start here by asking what are y’alls thoughts on the best framework for APIs? Since the answer is without a doubt “it depends” I will tell you that this is just for fun and I am not even sure what I might use it for yet. It doesn’t have to be super fast or anything like that. I just want something with good docs that will help me learn what it takes to create a dynamic site rather than a static one.
HUGO helped me learn a ton about how to create files and referring to them to put pictures and links on a web page. It was hugely helpful in understanding how everything works together. Even though this is not exactly what this forum is for I hope you will help me in my new endeavor.
Thanks ahead of time, Brian Cooper

I wonder if a dynamic website might be out of your league. I’m no expert but it usually involves a fair bit of programming skills in whatever recent tech people fancy, often a relative of php or javascript… The way you talk about links and images makes me wonder about your knowledge of html and css. What can you do now ? Did you master langages ?
And why would you want something “dynamic” why static websites can already provide so much, arguably more ?
I’m just a bit ahead of you skills-wise (I think) but it seems to me that bar full-on webapps, there’s little real needs for very complex sites. Today the web is so uselessly complicated bloated, I would rather download an application if that’s what I’m gonna get anyway. Why burdening browsers like that?

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I was purposefully avoiding a specific language because then the flow of info would go that direction. I love learning new computer languages. My degree is in computer engineering technologies. Half electrical engineering half computer science with some database, FPGA and IT thrown in for good measure. I have worked with several languages. I actually enjoyed working with databases and querying them. That is why I wanted to see what I could do with this type of programing. It may well be harder than I expected but we’ll see. I like a challenge.

huh, nevermind my comment then. Now I’m getting jealous of your qualifications.
The only advise I can give, is that you’ll know what tools to learn once you figure out what results you wanna obtain…

Hey it’s never to late. I just graduated back in December and I just turned 50 so… nothing to it but to do it! Anyhow I am not sure just yet what I want to do with it. Mainly wanted to see what all is involved and then see what I can apply to it. My stand by has been an old program called the 'cat’alog. My daughter helped with a cat rescue TT and R around our house. I wanted to create a way for her group to enter a cat’s info and keep updated info on it when they see it again. You may not see a stray for quite a while then they show up again. Plus the new kittens that show up every so often.

I build a lot of sites with Hugo. But for some projects you need something more.

For one big project I’m working on we use Django with a Postgresql database. Worth a look, I enjoy working with them.

Both Python and Django documentation is good.

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