Coming in from Wordpress to Static

I’m sick of Wordpress and all the issues of keeping it updated. Now to get started making static sites. Anyone have any recommendations where to begin? I have several client websites that need some sort of CMS to update a page from the front end to list their dogs or horses for sale. All other pages just will be static. If anyone can advise to what I need to use or look for to begin this new journey I’d appreciate it very much!


There’s a couple of great CMS’s which work well with Hugo. I recommend having a look at Forestry and Netlify CMS. I’m pretty sure you could set things up so clients can have a fairly straight forward interface for updating pages.

Netlify CMS is not well suited if you are coming from WordPress. I did not play around with Forestry yet to know if it is. That’s all the experience I can contribute in that area. But I successfully transferred plenty of websites from WordPress to Hugo. If you can teach your clients to understand MarkDown then you can do that without a CMS in the end.

Depending on your client websites I would take the smallest one and just start re-creating it. Once you have a working Hugo version of your site you start looking into CMS options. The Wordpress to Hugo plugins and methods I found all export to single md-files for wordpress pages and posts. I very much prefer page bundles though because you can have everything (images, PDF downloads, etc.) in one folder per page/post.

Another thing is: a page in Hugo is not a page in WordPress. Take a weekend and read the whole documentation once. WordPress lingo tends to dirty up help requests :wink:

I switched from WordPress about 2.5years ago (that’s what discourse is telling me, it feels longer) and will tell everyone asking that I can transform their WordPress site into a Hugo site easily. So the main investment is time.

If you have specific questions then open a post here on discourse and we go from there. Having a test-case in a publicly available git-repository always helps.

I repeat: Read the full documentation at least once. There are many hidden things that won’t become clear from just following the quick start documentation.

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thanks for your input. I will definitely dive into this as soon as I find time. It means a lot to actually hear from previous Wordpress users.

Thanks for the CMS recommendations. I’ll definitely look into those you mentioned. Wish me luck!


Hugo documentation is cryptic and often unhelpful. You really just have to do and learn. I found more solutions here and on stack exchange or on blog pages.

If you’re a newbie about static site generators, the youtube video series by Mike Dane is really useful.

Then pick a template you like from the templates page, and stick with it for a while. Customizing templates is bit tricky at first. So try to figure one out completely before rushing onto the next thing.

I’m still on my first template and I’m about 2 months in working with Hugo.