Well so far so good

I have created my very basic website and I’m trying to figure out where to go with it now. The files are here if y’all would like to take a look at them. I have kept it very simple. Mainly because I don’t know a whole lot. It works and the design would be easy to manipulate, but what else does it need? What else can I do with it? I looked at a few themes and they have a ton of code for footers headers etc…I can’t help but wonder why? Perhaps it is because I simply don’t understand all the things that are truly needed for a website to work properly. I’m kind of asking for a code review, but I’m also asking what y’all think might go well with my site. Perhaps something fun or interesting. I tried looking things up but nothing popped up in google. So here I am. Thanks

Only you can answer that. Personally, I like simple designs.

Glanced at your templates, and:

  • You declare a main block in your baseof, but when defining that block in your index and single, you duplicate HTML (body tags, CSS links)
  • Instead of hardcoding the page title in your baseof, make it dynamic, something like {{ .Title }} - {{ .Site.Title }}

Also, look into deploying your site somewhere. There are many free options. Personally, I like Netlify.

One thing I notice is that your index.html defines an <h1> tag outside of the <body> tag. This is incorrect syntax, the <h1> should be between <body> and </body>.

And, like swbetz says, look into deploying. It’s easier to assess what your site looks like when it’s deployed somewhere. That’s kind of hard to do only looking at source code. :slight_smile:

A website does not have to be complicated and have tons of code to look nice. I like simple designs as well.

thanks y’all. I’ll look into getting it deployed asap which may take a bit. Thanks for the help.

I’ve been trying to deploy my files using netlify but it doesn’t want to work right. Keeps failing.
0:06:16 PM: Error: Unable to locate Config file. Perhaps you need to create a new site.
10:06:16 PM: Run hugo help new for details. (Unsupported Config Type “”)
Not sure why I keep getting this error. I have a config.toml and added a netlify.toml as well, but still no luck. Could someone take a look and let me know if you see anything wrong.

Your netlify deploy is failing because hugo cannot locate a config file, and this is because your site’s git repo is out of the ordinary.

Your repo is named blog_website_using_Hugo, then within you have a folder named my_blog, then within are your site files.

So, netlify is expecting your site files to be at the root of your repo, when really they are under my_blog.

So, just move all your site files to the root of your repo, then redeploy.

Took a bit but figured out what you were talking about. Working great now. zwbetz you rock!